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"All reporters are not created equal. As a survivor of child prostitution and a loud advocate for the elimination of systemic violence and oppression, I have had both the privilege and misfortune of being interviewed by countless national and international news reporters and documentary film makers.

"Tristan Stewart-Robertson falls into an elite category of reporters who successfully serve two masters: a blood thirsty public hooked on premier sensationalized tragedy, and the human 'source' who deliver up their most tragic authenticity in a naïve attempt to save another from similar injustices."

Amanda Bonella
Entrepreneur, author and campaigner
British Columbia, Canada

"When I first met Tristan Stewart-Robertson I was struck by his empathetic and straight-forward manner. He quickly grasped and understood the intellectual and emotional issues at the very heart of our chat. As a published author I am wary of being misquoted and I'm happy to say that every interview I have had with Tristan has always been reported accurately.

"He is intelligent, charming and witty. I absolutely hate to have my photo taken, but Tristan took a number of photographs and they were so complimentary that I bought the rights and my US publisher, Random House/Bantam, used one for my first US publication in February 2009. Tristan is a rare breed of journalist/photographer who has a strong moral compass."

Louise Anderson
Glasgow, Scotland

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